So many things have changed in my life recently, and although the changes were initially daunting, I can’t believe how refreshed I feel living in a whole new set of circumstances. In the last few weeks, my husband and I moved to Calgary, found a new place to live and both of us have started new jobs.

What brought us to this great city? Year after year, Calgary has been in the top best cities in the world to live and as frequent visitors we know why. The city touts an impressive display of outdoor activities, culture, food and arts. On top of that the close proximity to the mountains allows for instant getaways to the beautiful Rockies. Direct international flights are an added bonus for frequent travelers like us.

It’s easy to get comfortable no matter where you live, but it’s important to challenge yourself to learn and do new things. So far I have learned to set goals, take consistent action and expect success.

Staying focused was hard at times, but I found a few things helped me along the way. Although I wanted to, I held off on telling the whole world about our plans until they were realized. I only shared with people who I knew would be supportive.

I also took consistent action daily. Sometimes the last thing I wanted to do after a long day was browse jobs online, but I pushed myself to make things happen and the extra effort paid off.

Most of all, I expected success, I knew that no matter what I was committed to making our goal a reality. It was only a matter of time until I found the right opportunity in Calgary but being unwavering on our goal helped my progress.

Change affects everyone differently and even when we prepare there are challenges. However, no matter what the circumstances are, we should embrace the currents of change and trust they will take us to exactly where we need to be.